The entire North Face Catalog is now available with Avnet branding embroidery (as shown above with no tagline)

No minimums, any size, any quantity.
Must allow 2 weeks for shipping

Just peruse the catalog, write down the item's product number, size, quantity and color, then transfer the information for the items you want into the order form. (If the blue “fillable” boxes do not appear on the order form, you just need to download it instead of working directly in the browser).

After completing the form click “submit” at the top. You will receive a reply email from us with a link to checkout. The checkout form will reflect your total including tax if applicable and freight. Note that it will not include a summary of the items you ordered. Complete the billing and shipping information and we are good to go.

You can if you like, print the order form, fill it out by hand, and fax it to:


Or scan it and email to: OR